...enter the Beatzone...

Listen to The Beatles in a brand you way!
Marco “Peso Pesenti (Drums and percussions), Emilio Ranzoni (Guitar, ukulele and sitar) and Giulio Belzer (vox, bass and piano) will lead you on a musical journey through the history of the four boys from Liverpool. The Fab Four’s hit catalogue is here being revisited and donned a semi-acoustic vest.
In only but a few years the Trio has played numerous gigs in venues as various and different as theaters, clubs, summer open-airs with an average of about fifty gigs yearly.
The key strengths of the band are the limited instrumentation allowing mobility and adaptability to any situation, and the original arrangements to great Beatles favorites and classics that bring a new spice while staying true to the original spirit.
We know you are curious to find out about it all so what are you waiting for? Roll up and Enter the Beatzone!