Special Guest for Special Gig

The band flourishes thanks to the forth magical sitar player, Emanuele Milletti. You will be able to listen to the great Fab Four catalogue with the added extra mystical sound of the Indian instrument. The Beatzone, in addition to playing ever green favourites Indian flavoured song the likes of Norwegian Wood and I love you to, have also rearranged other staple songs with the sitar with amazing results that will not fail to surprise you.

Emanuele Milletti

Started his musical career playing the Sitar and Indian Classical Music in India in the location of Varansi, together with the Brahamin Narayan Sastri since 2009. In the following years he went to Gianni Ricchizzi in Italy (Winner of the Dhrupad Mela Award in 2015). Thanks to Mr. Ricchizzi, Emanuele was introduced to Amarnath Mishra, his teachers mentor. Mr Mishra is one of the most important musicians of Sitar and contemporary Indian classical music. In his town of Genoa he put up various projects where Hindustani music is introduced to the worlds of Yoga and meditation. He then graduated from a school of musical therapy at the A.P.E. association. His approach is mainly Jungian and sided by taking Jazz lesson at Genoa’s Paganini Conservatory. Through the years he has collaborated with various project and different musical styles such as Flamenco, the blues, rock and electronica). He also has a project where he mixes sonic experiments, Space Yantra, with ancient knowledge about sound and vibration with the most modern acoustic technologies, to create a three dimensional sonic Mandala. The project has won the support of the Museo delle Culture del Mondo, Castello d’Albertis that embraced the idea and offered throughout the summer 2016, a room for three dimensional sonic meditation as proposed by the ensemble Space Yantra.